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We Are

Antonio Harper

I love how film brings people together.  To make them think, cry, cheer and laugh with one another. 

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Abby Burton

I like telling stories through writing and making them come to life on camera.

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Our Dream

Since the creation of West 10G Production in 2016, it was our goal to help promote and advocate for Film and Entertainment in Ohio. Helping to give exposure to not only local businesses but to help up-in-coming film enthusiasts whether they be actors, actresses, set designers, cinematographers, producers, directors or anywhere in between.  To grow our family and not only accomplish goals through our own projects but projects of those who also have a determination drive to make something great.  We know how much raw talent resides here, raw talent that also has that Ohio grit and Cleveland passion.  The only other thing you need is a great idea, it could come from a dream, and here we help you turn your dreams into reality.

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