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Private Eye: Detective Agency - Episode 1: Pilot
Blue V Media

Private Eye: Detective Agency - Episode 1: Pilot

Meet Lakewood's finest B-Team of private investigators! Have a problem but don't feel comfortable telling the cops? Then these are the perfect people for the job! 

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Directed by: Vincent Lazar

Assistant Director: Antonio Harper 

Created by By: Vincent Lazar, katie huskey, shawn davis, dan ran and antonio harper

Produced by: Vincent Lazar and Shawn Davis

Edited by: Antonio Harper

DP: Eric Richardson

B Cameras: Antonio Harper and Patrick Manway

Sound: Najada Davis and Andrew Robinson

Production Coordinator: Ricky Davis

Theme Song: Chris DiCola

Costume: Madison Reep

Location Managers: Antonio Harper, Vincent Lazra, Jeffery Cain

Starring: Vincent Lazar, katie huskey, emmy cohen, shawn davis, dan ran, antonio harper, Hanna Pempus

Additional Cast: George Lazar Jr., Andrew Gordon, Shelby Brunn, Brandon McSwain, Elizabeth Flood, Cody Kipatrick Steele, Dennis Shanaberg

By Blue V Media 

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