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With the holiday upon them 3 teachers and the school secretary gather to see who will take home the holiday bonuses and win the title of the worst teacher.

Directed by: Antonio Harper and Abby Burton 

First Assistant Director: Cody Sherrill

Story By: Abby Burton

Produced by: Antonio Harper, Abby Burton, Cody Sherrill, Dan Rockas, Darren Lorenzi Jr, James Harper, Sean manos

Director of Photography: Antonio Harper and Abby Burton

Original Score: Eli Manos


Cleveland 48 Hour Film Festival (2017)

Winner - Honorable Mention (3rd Best Film)
Nominated - Best Cinematography 
Nominated - Best Editing
Nominated - Best Musical Score
Nominated - Best Poster Group B
Nominated - Audience choice Group B
Nominated - Best Lead Actor
Nominated - Best Ensemble Acting

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